It'll never change.

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Eunhyuk & Henry / TOP Chinese Music

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omg these faces !!!

The way that Ken stares and nods as Hongbin speaks > u <

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kyungsoo getting angry over baekhyun’s impersonation of him.. 

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140329 방탄소년단 1st Fanmeeting [MUSTER] - 하루만(뷔)
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q: who most scolds to members?
suho’s thoughts: perhaps… me?

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Happy Birthday Kim Minseok!

I wish for you to receive not only recognition but also appreciation for your god-given talents and for even more love to come your way as you truly deserve

And then we have Eunhyuk… the weird Boyfriend

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i don’t mind having a creepy little suitor ;P

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oh your hand lee donghaek

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